Am & Can Ch Regalridge Penaire Bronco Bill – “Billy”

Breeder/Owners: Joan and Bill Clarke & Lee Steeves and Ken Curren
Whelped: 7/5/05

AmCanCh Regalridge Leader of the Pack Ch Regalridge’s Piece O The Rock Tartan Hook ‘Em Horns Finlair Scottshire Maui Kris
Tartans Fancy Miss
Ch Regalridge Stellar Attraction Ch Tartan Southern Chieftan
Ch Regalridge Watch a Rising Star
Regalridge’s Magic Moment Ch Tartans Oil Patch Rob Roy ChFonaire Iron Ancistrodon
ChTartans Oil Patch Star
CanCh Regalridge Word of Caution AmCh Tartan Southern Chieftain
CanCh Regalridge Steel Magnolias
AmCanCh Penaire Lonestar Cowgirl ChSerendipity Terrydale HK X-F ChTerrydales Int’L Affair ChBrislines Lady’s Man
ChTerrydales Adorable Lady
Ch Serendipity Rejoices EngAmCh Florac King of Scots at Stargus
ChSerendipitys Hosanna
AmCanCh Tartan Scottshire Kristina ChTartan Skyy King O Scottshire FinlairScottshire Maui Kris
TartanQueen Victoria O Scot
ChTartan Kris’ Miss Fancy FinlairScottshire Maui Kris
ChTartan Fancy Miss