Jaxson # 1 All Systems 2012

GCh Penaire Chip Leader at Longvue – “Jaxson”

Jaxson was the # 1 Airedale All Systems throughout 2012 with a total of 4899 Group points, and 487 Breed Points. He was also the #1 Airedale in Grand Championship points and the only Airedale to receive a Best In Show.
He earned 101 Best of Breed Wins, 44 Group Placements,7 Group Wins and 1 Best In Show.

His BIS win was under Mr. Darryl Vice.
Group Wins: Mr. Hiroshi Kamisato, Mr. William Bergum,Mr. Joseph Gregory, Dr. Vanda L Huber, Mr. Frederick B. Stephens, Mrs. Rhonda Davis and Ms. Betty Anne Stenmark.

Group Placements under Judges : Mrs. Barbara Dempsey Alderman (2), Miss Virginia L Lyne.(3), Dr. Scott Kellogg (2), Mr. James G. Reynolds, Ms. Patricia Taylor, Mrs. Lydia Coleman Hutchinson (2), Mrs. Judy Webb, Mr. Kenneth McDermott, Dr. Robert D Smith (2), Mrs. Peggy Lloyd, Mrs. Jane Roppolo, Mr. Wm. de Villeneuve, Mr. Bart A. Miller, Mrs. Marion D McPherson (2), Mr. Alfred J Ferruggiaro, Mr. Stephen Hubbell, Ms. Patricia Trotter, Mrs. Cindy Meyer, Mr. Jon Cole, Mr. Wm. J Poter 11, Ms. Kathleen J Ferris, Mr. Rodney E Herner, Ms. Mary Jane Carberry, Mr. Robert J, Shreve, Mr. Jay Richardson, Ms. Patricia Nemerovsky De Alsina, Mrs. Robert S. Forsyth, Mr. David Alexander, Ms. Christine Erickson, Mrs. Dorothy B. Taylor, Mr. Richard Powell, Mr. James J, Ham, Col. Joe Purkhiser, Mr. Randy Garren.

A special thanks to all of these judges for their recognition of Jaxson.

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